Monday, 23 January 2012

Big #10 - New year, new goals

OK, same goals, just different ... sort of.

Today will be the 427th attempt I make at losing weight (approximately, give or take a few hundred)  ... with the December holidays and my buddy Matt's famous yearly birthday bash and my works annual Sales Summit (where we get fired up to sell, sell, sell only to break every few hours to go eat, eat, eat) all done and dusted it really is time for me to get the ball rolling again. With NOTHING in the foreseeable future to interfere with my plans I have decided to give this thing another go (yet again).

Last year I totally tried to bullshit myself with all sorts of fancy schemes but it's quite clear that the only thing that worked for me was the Sure Slim diet so that is what I plan to do for the next couple of months. Until July  that is when it's my other buddy Richard's famous birthday weekend. (Which incidentally was the weekend I completely lost the plot last year - ai-jai-jai!)

Anyway, let me try to get my arse in gear and try to salvage something from the remaining summer months while there is still time to do something. 

Will update this blog within the next month or three ... wish me luck!