Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Update #1 (with über important tip!)

Hi there, just a quick update after my second weigh in on Saturday … lost another 1.7 kilos during the week and broke through the 180kg barrier (Woot! only 80kg’s to go!) 

This in turn brings me to the one thing I left out last week … my actual goals!!!

In the short term I’m looking only at the 6 month duration of the Biggest Loser contest at work so I hope to at least break through the 150kg barrier by the 1st of December (although closer to 140 would be great) Losing 36 kilograms in 6 months (i.e. 6 kg per month) might seems a bit excessive to most diet experts but in reality I honestly believe if you’re mega-overweight as I am it’s not inconceivable (or even that unhealthy for that matter) 

Longer term ideally I would love to get into double figures (for the first time in probably 20 years) but being rather “big boned” it’s probably not going to happen very soon so 110kg by the December 2012 would be really, really awesome! Before I leave out another crucial stat I just have to mention that at least I’m 1.96m tall and 110-120kg’s in context of my length and nationality (South African for those who need a picture) isn’t such an astronomical number as you might think (unless you’re 50kg jockey perhaps?)  

And now for my very first diet tip so listen up people … if you’re on a calorie counting / weighing your portion type diet I would like to make a comment regarding the humble old kitchen scale … please make sure the one you are using is at least sort of accurate! Having followed my old SureSlim program for the past 2 weeks I never got the “hungry sensation” like I remembered having many, many years ago. I had a vague suspicion that even though I was weighing my portions I was simply eating too much. Well my suspicions were confirmed when I bought a 680gr chunk of white cheddar cheese that my old piece of crap scale measured at 590gr!!! That is a whopping 15% error! Anyway, to cut a long story short I bought a cheap electronic scale over the weekend and it’s much better (it measures the chunk of cheese @ 677gr) 

Tip #1 – Buy an accurate kitchen scale … it doesn’t have to be expensive, just accurate! 

Now that I‘m eating the recommended portion sizes hopefully I’ll see better results than the 1.7 odd kilos lost last week (Most people would probably find that quite acceptable but in all honesty that was less than 1% lost so I wasn’t the happiest camper) I'm definitely not a big supporter of starvation but let’s just say I’m considering the past 2 weeks as a practice run for the real program which started in earnest on Sunday, 19 June. 

So ja, there you have it - my first update. Maybe I’ll post something later in the week but I did make a weigh in appointment for Saturday so I’ll definitely give you an update after the weekend.



  1. So bly jy doen soveel moeite, dis fantasties. Moenie moed op gee nie. Jy moet 'n before foto opsit, en na die kompetisie 'n after!!!

  2. Well done. I am really impressed by your effort. Most average to thin people do not realise the level of motivation and effort required to stay committed to the weight losing process. Well there is not much that I can add on the front of motivation. You have made an excellent start by setting your short term and long terms goals. Likewise this blog is a fantastic tool not only to share progress but also in some strange way to have a "big brother" to report to. We will be keeping a close eye on progress posted. So, keep up the good work. My 2 cents worth on weight lost - I strongly believe that one should combine any weight loss effort with some form of exercise. At the end of the day it is very simple burn more calories than what you consume. Good luck and I am postive that you will achieve your goals! Believe in yourselve, think postive thoughts and never give up!

  3. Thanks guys!

    @ Anon ... thank you so much for your insightful comment, I'll most definitely take everything you've mentioned into consideration! I totally agree on the exercise portion but believe me getting my 180kg ass into gear takes a lot of motivation! :)

    But yes, that's something that will need to become part of my diet regime (especially if I intend to keep my weight constant once I've reached my goal)