Monday, 7 November 2011

Update #9 - Hectic Weekends!

OK, OK I've succumbed to group pressure and here's the update everybody's been waiting for! 

Not long after my previous update where I went semi off reservation I decided to give the myfitnesspal thing a go where you basically track what you eat everyday. You give them a starting weight, your goal weight and few other vital stats and from that they calculate your daily calorie goal that (if you stick to it) eventually should lead to your ideal weight. 

Now I've been following this for about 3 weeks and I found it pretty useful (yes some days I go completely overboard but on most occasions I'm sticking pretty close to my daily goals) Using the simple idea that a calorie is a calorie makes dieting so much less "regimental" meaning that if you want to eat your daily allowance of calories in twinkies or cheese burgers or celery sticks it's basically all the same thing (in reality it's not really the same ... 10 twinkies vs 10kg celery isn't the same no matter who tells you what!)

Anyway, to make a long boring story short I've lost another 2kg over the 3 weeks ... unfortunately I've gained about 1kg in the week or two I went bonkers but in total I'm down to 167.5kg (meaning I'm slowly but surely creeping towards 20 kilos lost overall ... still a long, long way short of my goals for the year but fuckit, so be it! ... Rome wasn't built in a day either) 

The past few days was a bit hectic with a work function at Crawdaddy's on Friday, a close friends bachelors party on Saturday, my dad's birthday yesterday and another friend's birthday today! (and you were wondering why the title of the post is Hectic Weekends?) All of the above conspired to make a huge assault on my dieting efforts but I'll rectify things during the week (hopefully the damage wasn't too much) ... the wedding itself is this coming Friday but since I'm also the token paparazzi for the occasion I probably won't drink anything alcoholic and any forbidden foods consumed will be nullified by frantic photo shooting (p.s wish me luck!)

So ja, there you go, a short and sweet update to what I've been up to the past few weeks. Luckily all weddings and birthdays and sporting events and whathaveyou's are slowly coming to an end for this year (except for the wedding, a year end function at work and christmas itself) so I basically have 3-4 months in which I can try to kick-start this whole process again! Super Rugby only kicks off towards the end of Feb and the my first real important for the coming year is in April, which means until then I don't have any real excuses to hide behind and it's probably high time for me to pull finger and get my ass in gear. 

Update #10 to follow sometime towards the end of the month! 

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